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Welcome to my blog! this is a place where i share what i have learnt and experienced in my life, my walk with god and what i think, stay beautiful ,be you, you can change this world one life at a time.
Come back soon and read a thing or to about my life!

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Im unique and i believe you are too.
Im a true blue aussie chick. I live in perth and i want to study interior design and one day go to bible college.
I love god, love life.
Sometimes I don't understand myself but thats ok, lifes a walk and love every minute.
I work for ella bache and i love what i do.

-Hanging out with friends
-Listening to music
-beauty therapy
-my bf, matty

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Ezekial 33
Psalm 139
Psalm 91


October 2006


New changes.... | Tuesday, October 03, 2006

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i just started my new job which is totally awesome and i really enjoyed it. im working in two work places at the moment n now i have to adjust to two new places, man it can be so intimidating, i dont know about you but for me it can be quite scary. a new place, you dont know where anything is, what to do, how to do things, you dont own it and it can leave you feeling well, scared... i wonder do people feel this way when they walk into my churches doors? i surpose they do, you forget the feeling because i own apart of this church, its my home and i bring something unique and something that no one else can. but they are new and it can be quite a scary thing. the same thought always pasts though my mind when i start a new job... will i fit in here? i want too, but will i? i hope each person that walks into my church home, even though they will ask themselves this question there answer will be yes, i do. my goal is to encourage these new people to believe and know in there hearts that they belong where god has brought them, i want to know they are loved, not because of who they are now, they maybe broken, depressed, abused and used, but i want them to know because of who god says they are... i wanna make a diffrence in lives of the people around me and i pray god uses me for this purpose, i wanna get people connected to the local church, i want them to know jesus and have a passionate, real and honest relationship with him cause i know that it will change there lives... like he has mine

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